E-health - Healthcare prevention and monitoring
HCBOX, a tool for health monitoring and prevention for patients, and communication between health professionals.
What is HCBOX ?
Prevention, monitoring and communication.
Information about the patient is accessible via an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Access to secure information about a patient who the health care professional does not necessarily know personally.

Patients regularly update their healthcare information, independently or with your assistance.

The home-based terminal developed for patients who are home-bound or convalescent is equipped with apparatus for measuring vital signs.
The public-access terminal is situated in medical and paramedical healthcare establishments.

The terminals directly record the health profile of the registered patient.
Our e-health solution is accessed at the HCBOX terminal via a user-friendly, intuitive, touchscreen - no computing skills are required.
The application runs through different support systems: PC, Macintosh, Smartphone and touchpad.