E-health - Healthcare prevention and monitoring
From your first day to your 100th year, children, adults, senior citizens, for those who are settled, and those on the move, the HCBOX portal is right for you.
What is HCBOX ?
My personal health assistant, simple to use and inflexbile.
Functions available through HCBOX :
- My vital measurements: weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, height, blood sugar levels
- Vaccinations, allergies, prescriptions, illnesses and medical interventions.

If my vital measurements become abnormal,HCBOX will let me know..
And advise me that I should see a heath care professional.

Automatic reminders :when my vaccinations are due, for medications or contraceptives.

Thanks to my HCBOX health card which I carry with me, treatment is more rapid in the event of an emergency. Emergency care services can access my HCBOX health record in a couple of seconds from their mobile phones and give me the best treatment.
HCBOX allows me to :
Monitor my health regularly and , without constraints.
Save time, HCBOX sends me advice and reminders.

Access my secure health record at all times via the internet (stationary or on the move) without downloading information
HCBOX has been developed with registered healthcare professionals
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