E-health - Healthcare prevention and monitoring
HCBOX, health data accessible anytime from any location.
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For whom ?
All people who are conscious about optimising their health.
Monitoring at home :
Expectant mothers
People with long term medical conditions
After discharge from hospital
Medical and paramedical establishments, pharmacies and independent healthcare practices.
How does it work?
A patient completes the registration form in under a minute, and receives an access code. Connection is then made to the secure interface.
The patient enters his or her health information, if necessary healthcare professionals can assist with the data input.
The HCBOX home-based terminal is installed in the patient's home. The terminal incorporates equipment to measure vital signs.
Equipment may be used by the patient alone, or with the assistance of a caregiver.
Healthcare professionals have real-time access to information about the patient's clinical state. E-mail and/or text messages may be sent with alerts of the patient's results.
The healthcare service based HCBOX incorporates equipment to measure vital signs CE MEDICAL and automatically updates the patient's profile in their HCBOX record.

The healthcare professional has access to the patient's medical history, vital signs, allergies, vaccinations, hospital interventions and medications.
What are the benefits ?
Regular monitoring and prevention. A time saving for more rapid healthcare intervention.
Reducing the length of hospital stays.
Reducing the frequency of face-to face consultations.
Allowing teleconsultation.
Recommends need for a medical opinion.
Automatically updates vital signs.
Orientating healthcare towards e-health
By subscription :
79€ per month including taxes and without obligation
All services include: delivery, installation, set-up, maintenance and removal.
By subscription :
269€ per month including taxes (for a 12 month minimum contract)
All services include: delivery, installation, set-up, maintenance and removal.